Friday, October 30, 2015

I Love the Outdoors

Don't you just love the outdoors? I used to work outdoors (I'm retired now). And I must say “I do not believe there has been many days that I haven't been outdoors. Even at 65! There are always great things to do out doors! Doesn't matter what the weather, as long as you dress for it and come properly prepared you will have fun!

I am passionate about the outdoors! I like to get rather primitive at times. And I'll bet you do too! Hunting, fishing, swimming, camping,snowmobiles, the list of fun is endless!!

I like to write too. So I thought I'd write about the fun of the outdoors. Thus this blog! I don't know exactly how, but I want to share what I know so we can really enjoy the outdoors- all year around. I'll be posting everything I can to make the outdoors GREAT!